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Paul and Glenda Baugh - Founders

Our Story

As told by Paul Baugh founder of BestLife International


In 1989 my family moved to the Lewis & Clark Valley in Idaho. My daughter soon developed a chronic ear infection. She was miserable. After treating her with antibiotics and anti-histamines, the problem persisted, so we had her checked by a Naturopath.

We were told she was allergic to the histamine containing caseins in milk. I told the physician that she had been drinking milk all her life. The only change was that now we were using store bought milk because we no longer had access to farm fresh milk. The doctor told us to take her off store bought milk and that her allergies would go away. They did immediately! He suggested I read the book, Don’t Drink Your Milk, by Dr. Frank Oski. It opened my eyes.

We still needed a milk alternative to replace the 6 gallons a week that we were drinking. We were dissatisfied with the quality and taste of the whey and soy products available. Milk was a staple on our table and we needed a solution. We dove in.


We began reading everything we could get our hands on. We noticed a theme in the material. People around the world were suffering from intolerance to lactose, histamine allergies and more. There was more at work here then just finding a solution to our daughter's milk allergies. 40 million Americans are lactose intolerant and allergic to countless dairy products. This number may top 1 billion people worldwide.

We started working with one of the best food chemists in the country. Over time, and with a lot of fact finding and entrepreneurial endeavor, we launched our Sammi’s Best product line- named after our granddaughter, Samantha.


Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. Please take a look at our products and nutritional information and read through some of the hundreds of testimonials we have posted. Our company is built one satisfied customer at a time and we hope that we can include you on that list.


Paul "Tiger" & Glenda Baugh - Founders

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