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The Advantages of Sammi's Best Whey Milk in Your Diet


Bovine milk is made up of two basic parts, the CURDS & WHEY, like the old nursery rhyme “Little Miss Muffett.” Milk has been widely conceived and promoted as an essential part of the human diet especially for children. Cow's, like Goats have provided milk, cream, butter and cheese for people for thousands of years and in a raw form has real food value.


However, about midway through the 20th Century new methods were becoming popular was of disinfecting contaminants and stabilizing raw milk for longer shelf life, these were called Pasteurization and Homogenization. The heating of milk quickly to over 166 degrees for 16 seconds Pasteurizes the milk and basically kills bacteria that might kill people who drink it, unfortunately, heat also kills the friendly beneficial bacteria as well.


Of course raw milk has been consumed unheated for hundreds of years and is still being drank around the World, and if carefully handled by clean hands and containers, rarely makes anyone sick. Because of the good bacteria the immune systems of the people that drink it are usually stronger, but raw milk can cause sickness or death if not cared for properly.


Homogenizing is a high pressure processing that breaks the fat so it does not rise to the top and oxidize. Visualize a globule of fat being blown under high pressure through a fine screen so it now becomes sixteen balls of fat, much smaller than nature intended. This makes milk look better and more profitable, due to a much longer shelf life. Consumers must also buy butter and cream rather than make their own. The health dangers of Ingesting this fragmented fat is controversial, but little known by average consumers.


The dairy industry says it is still just good wholesome milk and they scoff at the research that says otherwise. However, considerable evidence has been documented by researchers with impressive credentials in a book called the XO Factor, by Dr. Kurt Oster and Dr. Donald Ross that was published in the early 80s.


The body of work in the XO Factor pointed to the enzyme Xanathine Oxidase contained in raw milk and normally neutralized in the liver, could after Homogenization, escape the digestive system and create pinhole lesions in arterial tissue. The body trying to fix the damage forms plaque covered by cholesterol that sticks to inside of the repaired artery. The book claims, Cholesterol naturally made by the body, over time causes gradual artery occlusion and gets the blame by being on the scene of the crime, but the source of the trigger for continued erosion from free radical XOs is Homogenized milk. Efforts were made by several heart doctors involved in this research back then to have warning labels placed on milk cartons, but a strong lobby and millions of advertising dollars proclaiming "Milk, good for everybody", that was challenged so it was then "Milk, it does a body good" and eventually to "got milk". Dairy sponsored researchers argue that these claims are completely unfounded and published a 22 page report to that effect. However, to those who have looked at the shear amount of documentation involved, serious concerns remain. We leave it the consumer to seek answers for themselves and decide if avoiding Homogenized milk is warranted or not.


Other books such as Don't Drink Your Milk, by Dr. Frank Oski point to several other downsides of store bought cow's milk. Well known author, TV personality of the 70s and 80s, Dr. Lendon Smith, lectured on the many problems children experience from drinking milk, so everyone does not agree that milk is good for people. Some doctors say millions of kids who are hyperactive, taking prescription medication for ADD or antihistamines for allergies, just need to quit drinking milk.


Besides allergies or intolerance to Lactose, the research regarding homogenized milk caused concern and debate about what seems to be a direct correlation between the significantly higher incident of heart and artery disease in countries that also consume the most homogenized dairy products. If this is a concern you have, be assured that there is no Homogenized milk-fat in a whey product because you cannot make cheese with homogenized milk.


All mammalian milk contains a whey portion and a curd or cheese portion. A large part of cheese is made up of phosphoprotein called Calcium Casseinate. Being able to explain the cheese making process is helpful in understanding how whey is produced.


First the milk is cleaned of any foreign material by filter and centrifuge that would impede the cheese aging process including antibiotics. The next  process allows for the curd and liquid whey to be separated. The casein or cheese part in milk also contains a number of Histamines (allergens), responsible for ear infections, rashes, runny nose and the butterfat remains with the cheese and most of the protein.


The whey contains whey protein, lactose (milk sugar) and trace minerals. Both cheese and whey have high purity factors due to it being imperative that the milk is cleaned of residual contaminants. For example grade A milk standards allow for over 700,000 somatic cells per milliliter (approximately 22 drops). This along with manure particles and blood is cleaned out or removed from the milk before cheese or whey is produced.


Whey Protein Concentrate very useful and offers a myriad of health benefits. It has the most complete protein known, is easy to digest, contains virtually no contaminants and has less Lactose. The Lactose is sort of squeezed out of the whey by repeatedly washing out the Lactose. The more this is done, the dried solids that are left have a higher percentage of protein and less % of Lactose.


Another significant fact to keep in mind is that when a baby human is feed Mother's milk, it is more whey than curds, so it is logical to assume that from a human standpoint a whey based milk more closely approximates Mother's milk and has digestive and nutritional benefits, since we have more in common with our Mother than Daisy the cow.


Sammi's Best Whey also has about 70% less Lactose than regular milk and virtually no allergy causing caseins. Lactose intolerance is more common with Asian or African people and to a lesser extent Hispanic people. This is because their bodies stop producing the Lactase enzyme needed to break down Lactose into glucose. As we get older our bodies, no matter what our ethnic heritage, lose that Lactase enzyme so digesting milk without some discomfort, becomes increasingly more difficult. This makes milk one of the last things to get blamed for a number of digestive discomforts, but is frequently the culprit.


Whey can be fortified with a better form of Calcium for people to replace the Calcium Casseinate as well as all critical Vitamins so that Sammi's Best has about 300% more nutrition than milk on a per calorie basis and has 60% less sugar. Whey has no cholesterol and is great for hydration. There is only one area left that milk seems to have an advantage and that is amount of protein per serving, but again we look at Mother's milk and find it also has about 3 grams of "whey protein", not the total of 8 grams that is mostly a harder to utilize protein called Calcium Casseinate. WPC is the best source of supplemental protein, along with eggs or Soy Protein Isolates.


So in conclusion what are the clear advantages of Sammi's Best Whey?


            Higher Purity Factor

            Low Lactose, no refined sugar

            No mucous forming histamines

            Higher vitamin profile

            More useable calcium w/magnesium

            No cholesterol

            Low fat (from Coconut Oil)

            No homogenized milk or animal fat

            Highest rated most complete protein

            Less sugar, less sodium

            Great electrolyte package

            Rich creamy taste

            Easier to digest

            Active probiotic cultures

            Convenient and eco-friendly dry mix for food storage


Who loves and reorders Sammi's Best Whey & Rice People who like fresh milk, but are Lactose intolerant, have milk allergies, concerns about homogenized milk fat or purity, trying to lose or maintain weight, have low cholesterol diets, want more stable blood sugar, want the benefits of active probiotic cultures.


Try this dairy-based alternative for a week and compare the benefits, we think you will make a switch for better taste and nutrition.


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