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Advantra Z in MAXelence MVP

Citrus Aurantium, better known as bitter orange extract is a product derived from the immature fruits of the Seville Orange plant. In Maxelence MVP we use a highly concentrated and safe, clinically documented type of Citrus Aurantium powder called Advantra Z. It is used in weight management and as a performance enhancing formuls. It is also thermogenic, meaning it burns fat in conjunction with increased activity. Advantra Z is also synergistic with D Ribose in producing ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) at the cellular level. This produces sustained energy without the use of other stimulants. Advantra Z has been used extensively in sports performance products to enhance stamina without any side effects.


Advantra Z is an excellent choice for Maxelence MVP because it not only produces safe energy but also increases your metabolism. Advantra Z has been reputed to also help increase mood. It does not cause any blood sugar level swings or “crash” or "jitters" while giving your metabolism (and fat burning process) a boost. Many performance and weight loss products use Bitter Orange as an ingredient, however, it should be noted many of these products also contain caffeine and other stimulating agents. Maxelence MVP does not use any caffeine, taurine, or guarana to increase the natural effects of Advantra Z.


There has been plenty of research and clinical studies performed that have been conclusive that we can say with confidence Advantra Z is beneficial for weight loss, increasing energy and stamina safely and without risk to your body. (Visit Advatra Z's website for clinical studies). 

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