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Probiotic Drink Mix with Ribose

Ribose infused probiotic drink mix that supports natural recovery and electrolyte hydration without the use of caffeine, taurine or any other stimulants. While Maxelence MVP may increase your metabolic rate, it is formulated and intended to not raise your heart rate. Maxelence gives your body natural sustained energy and hydration with the synergy of Advantra Z and Ribose.


Ribose has been shown to enhance recovery in fatigued muscles and increase cellular energy (See Bio-Energy Ribose). Advantra Z also an ingredient in Maxelence MVP has been shown to boost your metabolism while not increasing your heart rate making it great for weight loss, healthy weight management and with only 26 calories per serving Maxelence is a low calorie, low carb beverage. 

Who Would Use MAXelence MVP?

MAXelence MVP is safe for anyone from outdoor enthusiasts, working professionals, and even children. It provides sustained energy, hydration and endurance at the cellular level. Anyone who works out or just works hard will benefit from drinking Maxelence.


MAXelence MVP incorporates Ribose, Nutritive Fiber, Chelated Minerals, Electrolytes & Critical Vitamins for natural endurance and faster recovery. The body requires Ribose to produce ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) the chemical compound all muscles including the heart, demand for accelerated energy and endurance.


What does MVP stand for?


"M" stands for Muscle Recovery, "V" for Vitamins & Minerals and "P" for Probiotics. 

MAXelence MVP Sports Packets


MAXelence MVP comes in a convenient dry mix that allows for a better, healthier product to be sold for less money. Shipping a dry product is really going green with meaningful conservation of fuel and materials, because the consumer does not pay to ship truckloads of mostly water, as is the case with liquid products. 


MAXelence MVP Sports Packets are available in a 12 Pack Boxes. Each packet is designed to mix with a 16 oz bottle or glass of water. Take them with you to work, the gym, camping, hiking, biking or in the kids lunch box.

MAXelence MVP 12 Pack Box
Pouring MAXelence MVP Packet


​• Endurance and Recovery

​​• Ribose for optimal Muscle Recovery

​• Natural Fat Burners

​• Probiotics (Lactobacillus)

​• Critical Vitamins
​• Chelated Minerals

​• No Stimulants
​​• Sweetened with Stevia

• Gluten Free

​• Pre Biotic Fiber (6g per serving)


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