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Going Green with Sammi's Best

By ordering Sammi's Best in a dry concentrate, you pay less for a superior product because you do not pay to ship water. For example, the most popular soy products in the stores are liquid soy beverages. One 4 lb. container of Sammi's Best Soy is equal to buying 24 to 28 quarts of Silk. Twenty-six quarts of liquid beverage will weigh over 52 lbs. compared to 4 lbs. of concentrate. That is also 25 extra containers to be made and disposed of. Much of the final retail price is to recover shipping costs. The added costs and space needed for 52 lbs. of liquid in 52 containers, compared to one 4 lb. container of Sammi's Best, is substantial.

It also means less trucks on the road, and less fuel consumed. Using Sammi's Best means there are fewer trips to the store and less overall shipping costs. Sammi's Best​™ is delivered to your door, always on hand, always fresh -- it mixes instantly, is adjustable in flavor, and it saves you money.

Try Sammi's Best products for a week, and compare taste, nutrition and price with milk or any other soy, rice or whey based alternative.  We contend they are the finest products of their kind available at any price, and we think you will agree.

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