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Sammi's Best Coffee Creamer
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Sammi's Best Healthy Coffee Creamer

The staff at BestLife suggested we offer this product after realizing that there were no products in the store at the time that were both non-dairy and did not contain hydrogenated oils (trans fats). Sammi's Best brand products have never used hydrogenated oils and we have been listing 0g trans fats on our labels since 1996.

Non-hydrogenated Coconut Oil is the closest vegetable fat to the fat found in human milk and is a good source of essential medium chain fatty acids that can help maintain good (HDL) cholesterol levels.

The Calcium in Sammi's Best Healthy Coffee Creamer helps neutralize coffee acid. Corn Syrup Solids are a healthy, time released complex carbohydrate that have been used in infant formulas for years. When water is evaporated from pure corn syrup, it becomes natural corn syrup solids (no relation to High Fructose Corn Sweeteners which do not occur in nature). It also provides some sweetness, reducing the need for as much simple sugar. 

Sodium Casseinate found in this Healthy Coffee Creamer is derived from Dairy Whey and is a good source of organic sodium (like celery). Unlike Calcium Casseinate, it is soluble and does not contain the allergens (Histamines) found in milk. It is classified by the FDA as a Non-Dairy ingredient and provides the best emulsification for this type of product. 

   • G​reat Tasting​

   • No Hydrogenated Oil

   • No Trans-fats

   • All Natural​   

   ​​• Non-GMO​

   ​• Gluten Free​

Available in Original, Vanilla, Mocha and Hazelnut

Cup of Coffee with Sammi's Best Healthy Coffee Creamer

NUTRITION FACTS:  Original  |  Vanilla  |  Hazelnut  |  Mocha

Healthy Coffee Creamer Testimonials

"Thank you for making the best coffee creamer on the planet!! I use it when on and off the HCG diet and will continue to use it no matter what!!"


"Best COFFEE CREAMER I have ever tasted! It should be named... The GREAT SECRET Creamer! It's fabulous! Starbucks should try it!"​​​​​


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