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Sammi's Best Coffee Creamer Original

Healthy Coffee Creamer Testimonials

"I am an inveterate coffee drinker and a champion of Peet's Coffee. Whole Foods use to make a creamer similar to this but then for some reason discontinued it. I am delighted to say that Sammi's Best has resurrected something long overdue. For those of us who like half and half or cream, this is the ideal substitute. Much less fat, nothing hydrogenated, and it tastes GREAT and mixes instantly. I cannot recommend this item enough! I take it with me when I travel now, and keep several pounds of it in reserve! It's the best!​"


-Dr. Peter Janney


"I just tried your coffee creamer (original) and wanted to thank you for making a great tasting and healthy product. I recently had triple bypass surgery and was looking for something healthy in the stores but couldn't find anything.  I started looking on the web and there you were! So now I'm hooked on your creamer and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your product. By the way, I've done a lot of online shopping and I can tell that you guys are very professional and love what your doing (it shows)"  Thanks again,


- Tom

I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am that I found your Sammi's Best Coffee Creamer. I did a lot of research online after my daughter scolded me for continuing to use Coffeemate with its hydrogenated oils. I love, love, love your creamer. This is my second time to order several packages, and will continue to do so with this great product, as I am a "creamer addict".


- Margaret Eby

"I just have to tell you how much I absolutely LOVE your coffee creamer! I searched and searched and searched and I am so lucky to have found it! I even introduced my mother and my sister to your creamer, and now they order often, too!  It is creamy, made from very healthy coconut and does not have any crap in it.


"I have even been on a very strict diet (HCG), and even though it is not on the protocol, I still use it in my coffee every morning with Xylitol as a sweetener…just a little. I have had great losses so far! Day one: -3.5 Day two: -1.8 Day three: -1.2 Day four: -.8 Day five: -.6 Day Six: -1.2 I tried to tell everyone about your creamer on my HCG weightloss forums and facebook, but they look at the ingredients (especially the corn syrup solids) and they just think I’m crazy because we are not supposed to have any sugar on HCG. It is such a small amount of sugar….1 gram in a heaping teaspoon that it does not affect my losses at all!! They just don’t understand….but, I tried!! I won’t give up….I will make them see they can have their coffee with healthy creamer and still lose the pounds!"

- L.M

"I just tried your creamer this morning. It is just great! I love it! I have been a Coffeemate user for many, many years. Recently they changed the formula of the "Original" Coffeemate. It is not creamy and is way too sweet for me. I tried every creamer I could find and they didn't taste good and had trans fats. I really appreciate that there truly are no trans fats in your product. I knew that all those other companies were including stealth trans fats, just read the labels. I don't know how you guys made such a delicious and healthy creamer but I am so happy I found you!"

- Mary

"This is the only healthy coffee creamer I have ever found that tastes good." I try to avoid all trans-fats in my diet, but could not kick the Coffeemate habit until I found your product. Now, I actually prefer it over Coffeemate, which I thought nothing could ever accomplish. I quit using Coffeemate because it is such poison that it actually altered the triglyceride levels in my blood to an unhealthy level! They are back to normal now, thanks to Sammi's Best. Also, your meal replacement mix is awesome as well. Thank you, thank you!!"

- Vicki

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