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Sammi's Best Soymilk
Sammi's Best Soy Milk


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Sammi's Best Soy Milk

Nutritionally balanced and conscientiously formulated using the finest all natural ingredients. The Soy Protein in this product is Non-GMO certified. The natural soy bean sugar has been reduced compared to other brands for easier digestion. The natural coconut oil in this product is a healthy source of essential fatty acids and contains no hydrogenated oils/trans-fats. Sammi's Best Soy Milk powder has more nutrients than cow's milk, less sugar, better balanced carbohydrates and a lower glycemic index.​

Sammi's Best Soy has 30% less sugar than cow's milk with an excellent balance of complex and simple carbohydrates for more time-released energy. The bean sugar content is much less than other soy products that create unpleasant symptoms similar to milk sugar (lactose) in many people.

Sammi's Best Soy has more nutrients and is higher in nutrient density (nutrients per calorie) in eight out of nine absolute critical nutrients you must have. Bovine milk is deficient in five of these nutrients. The only category up for debate is protein. Sammi's Best Soy has less total protein than cow's milk but more than mother's milk, which is logically a better standard. Most of the protein in cow's milk is difficult for humans to utilize. Except for whey, the protein in cow's milk is species-specific and made up of about 80% hard to digest caseins. Sammi's Best Soy provides adequate protein for most people with balanced nutrition and gives you a delicious way of obtaining essential proteins without the negatives associated with meat or milk.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states,

"Soy protein can serve as the sole

protein source in the human body."

Sammi's Best Soy Milk has useable calcium including calcium citrate, a very useable form of calcium as opposed to calcium caseinate found in milk. Casein in bovine milk contains histamines a common cause of allergic reactions such as skin rashes and ear infections, and can cause hyperactivity in children. This insoluble casein, the same used to manufacture glue, paint and plastic, is also what creates the congestive mucous that many find objectionable. Sammi's Best Soy is a great milk alternative for people who are 100% lactose intolerant or who prefer a strict vegetarian diet. We recommend Sammi's Best Whey & Rice for most people who are lactose intolerant or have milk allergies but like more of a clean, dairy flavor.

Sammi's Best Soy Milk contains NO hydrogenated vegetable fat or trans-fatty acids. The FDA has now stated that labels are required to show trans-fat content. Trans-fats in hydrogenated oils are proven to have a number of negative effects on human health. The High Oleic Sunflower Oil in Sammi's Best products is over 80% monounsaturated, like olive oil, and even lower in saturated fat. This is among the healthiest sources of dietary fat and helps maintain proper levels of High Density Lipoproteins or "good cholesterol." Essential fatty acids are just as important as protein, carbohydrates or vitamins in your diet. Learn about our Soy Meal Replacement Shake for a complete healthy lifestyle.

  • Great Tasting

  • All 9 Critical Nutrients​

  • Balanced Carbohydrates​

  • Non-GMO​

  • Gluten Free​

  • Soy Protein Isolate

  • Calcium & Magnesium


Sammi's Best Soy Milk

Available in 1.5 lb Resealable Bag (Makes 10 Quarts)

& 10 lb Mylar Bag (Makes 70 Quarts)

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With Purchase of

One Sammi's Best Soy and

One Soy Dutch Chocolate 1.5lb Bag

Sammi's Best Whey Milk with Cookies
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