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This unique Soy Nog beverage is formulated with carefully selected ingredients. This product contains No Hydrogenated Oils, Trans Fats or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's). It provides a good source of health promoting soy compunds, essential medium chain fatty acids, complex carbohydrates, all nine critical nutrients and useable calcium. Sammi's Best Soy Nog has complex B Vitamins, Iron and Folic Acid. This festive beverage can be served hot or cold and is good any time of year. Great by itself with a smooth creamy taste or try it on your favorite breakfast cereal without using additional sweeteners.


​   • No Hydrogenated Oil​​

   • No Trans Fats ​
   • Non GMO

   ​• Egg Free​

​   • Gluten Free​

Available in 1.5 lbs & 10 lb Economy

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Sammi's Best Soy Nog