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Sammi's Best Soya-Rice Milk
Sammi's Best Soya Rice 1.5lb Bag


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Sammi's Best Soya Rice

Our Premium Soy Milk

Sammi's Best Soya Rice is our premium Soy Milk. Certified Non-GMO Soy Protein and Organic Soybean Powder combine with a balance of complex and simple carbohydrates for time released energy and Essential Fatty Acids from highly monounsaturated sunflower oil, and  like our meal replacement shake mix options, Soya-Rice is equivalent to 1% Low Fat milk in total fat. Soya-Rice milk contains no hydrogenated ingredients or Trans-Fatty Acids and contains active probiotics, Acidophilus and Bifidus cultures.

We believe it is the finest product of its kind available at any price. Soya-Rice milk is delivered to our customers’ home factory direct for less than $1.15 per quart reconstituted with water. Far less than other soy or rice based products that incorporate far less nutritional value and cost far less to produce.

The all natural ingredients in this product have been carefully selected to provide balanced, high quality nutrition while tasting great, so everyone in the family can benefit from the many healthy advantages this product provides for our customers. BestLife research and technology make it possible for our customers to enjoy the best parts of soy along with nutritive fiber, active probiotics and higher values of vitamins and minerals not found in our regular Soymilk.


   • Each 1.5lb Ziploc Mylar Pouch will make up to 10 quarts when mixed with water.

   • Each 10 LB Economy Mylar Package will make up to 70 quarts when mixed with water.
   • We guarantee Sammi's Best® Soya-Rice milk for one year from the date of your invoice.
   • Store the dry product in a cool, dry place for optimum storage life.
   • Our 10 LB Mylar Package is great for long term food storage.



The freshness, quality and potency of the cultures used in our products is unsurpassed, as is the care in which they are handled. They remain frozen until blended with the other high quality ingredients on a regular basis to assure the freshest product and longest shelf life. Soya Rice milk should be consumed within one year from the time of purchase in order to receive the fullest benefit from its healthful advantages. We take pride in all of our products from our soy milk powders to our natural energy drinks.


​•​ Soy Protein Isolate Based

​​• Great Tasting, Creamy Flavor​
• All Nine Critical Nutrients​
• Natural Coconut Oil​

• Active Probiotics​
• Gluten Free​
• Non-GMO

Available in

1.5 lb Resealable Mylar Bag (Makes 10 Quarts)

10 lb Economy Mylar Bag (Makes 70 Quarts

Sammi's Best Soya Rice milk
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