Horchata a traditional beverage of Central America with Soy protein, vitamins and calcium. No refined sugar with a subtle alliance of natural flavors: morro seed, cinnamon, almond, vanilla and coconut delicately combined to create a delightful taste. Try Sammi's Best® Soychata now for an healthy, easy to digest milk alternative.

This horchata recipe is dairy free and fortified with more nutrients than cow’s milk. Unlike cheaper horchata flavored products, Sammi's Best Soychata provides a good source of health promoting soy compounds, essential fatty acids, complex carbohydrates, all nine critical nutrients and useable calcium.

​   • No Hydrogenated Oil​​
   • No Artificial Flavors​​
   • No Refined Sweeteners​​
   • No Genetically Modified Ingredients​

​​   • Dairy Free​

​​   • Gluten Free​

Sammi's Best Soychata 1.5lb Resealable Bag
Sammi's Best Soychata in Glass
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Sammi's Best Soychata

the Healthy Horchata