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Sammi's Best Soy and Whey Blend
Sammi's Best Whey & Soy Milk Blend 1.5lb Bag

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Sammi's Best Whey & Soy Milk Blend

A Great Tasting, Easy To Digest Milk Alternative.

Our customers have long preferred to mix Sammi’s Best Whey & Soy. This is a 50/50 blend of the two creating a synergy that provides a milk alternative that is arguably better tasting than either product by itself.  

Whey is the most complete protein known. Whey contains an almost prefect array of electrolytes and is a good source of organic sodium. Whey does not contain Calcium Caseinate (mucous forming agents), or the common Histamines/Allergens associated with milk allergies (ear infections, skin rashes, hyperactivity).

Sammi's Best Whey & Soy is a healthy balance of whey &

soy proteins with healthy fats, vitamins, complex

carbohydrates, calcium citrate & active probiotics made to

be nutritious, good tasting & easy to digest.

In our opinion this is the most digestible and healthiest milk alternative that we produce or that is available anywhere.

Whey & Soy Milk Blend in Glass

Available in

1.5 lb Resealable Mylar Bag (Makes 10 Quarts)

10 lb Economy Mylar Bag (Makes 70 Quarts

70% Less lactose than skim milk​
No allergy causing calcium caseinate​

1% total fat from sunflower oil​
No hydrogenated oils​
Whey & Soy Protein​
Enriched with useable calcium​
Vitamin Fortified A & D​
Chelated Minerals​
Active Probiotics

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