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Sammi's Best Whey Milk
Bag of Sammi's Best Whey Milk 1.5lb Resealable Bag


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Sammi's Best Whey Milk

This great tasting Whey Milk Alternative is easily digested by most people with lactose intolerance, casein allergies or reactivity to milk. It is more nutrient dense per calorie than cow's milk with the benefits of Whey Protein but without the hard to digest caseins and Lactose found in milk. See: "The Advantages of Drinking Whey Milk."

Sammi's Best Whey & Rice exceeds in all nine critical nutrients including Iron, Vitamins A, B complex, C, D and E, and contains much less simple sugar and more time released complex carbohydrates than milk. Active pro-biotic cultures provide a host of health promoting benefits along with an outstanding purity factor eliminating concerns about residual contaminants or antibiotics. Sammi's Best Whey & Rice uses Calcium Citrate a highly useable form of Calcium and is fortified with Magnesium.

Whey Protein, the basis for Sammi's Best Whey & Rice contains almost no fat. We replace the mostly saturated fat found in cow's milk with all natural coconut oil which is the closest vegetable fat found in mother's milk with essential medium chain fatty acids. About 70% of the lactose sugar found in milk is removed. This means that the far majority of people with lactose intolerance will experience no unpleasant digestive problems from drinking Sammi's Best Whey & Rice.

​The well known ancient Greek physician Hippocrates advised as to The Benfeits of Drinking Whey and since that time nothing has ever contradicted that advice. Sammi's Best Whey & Rice is a healthy, great tasting whey milk alternative.​

​•​ Nutritionally Superior with

  all 9 Critical Nutrients

​• Calcium and Magnesium fortified

​​• Acidophilus and Bifidus Cultures
• Great Tasting Whey Milk Powder
• Unsurpassed Purity​
• Low Lactose

​​• No Hydrogenated Oils

Available in

1.5 lb Resealable Mylar Bag (Makes 10 Quarts)

10 lb Economy Mylar Bag (Makes 70 Quarts)

Whey & Rice in Glass
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